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Mandt and Ferd Homme

Mixing their own colors, Mandt and Ferd  Homme painted in a highly realistic style. A rig of mallards and pintails made for Tom Alberti contains mallard hens with a heavily feathered paint pattern - not just loops, but attempts to recreate each feather.   Ferd seems to have out-produced Mandt, as more Homme decoys have been found that are signed "Ferd Homme" in careful block letters on the bottoms. Mandt signed very few of his birds.

For the complete article, see the Sept/Oct 1998 issue of  Decoy Magazine.

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Carver Location Issue
Allen, Fred Monmouth, IL Nov/Dec 1994
American Coot Decoy (The)
July/Aug 1989
Androscetti, Luigi California Spring 1986
Astoria Decoy Makers Astoria, OR May/June 1995
Avadanian, Gary Reading, MA Sept/Oct 1995
Bach, Ferdinand St. Clair Flats, MI Nov/Dec 1993
Baines, James E. Morgantown, MD July/Aug 1993
Baker, John Edgely, PA Nov/Dec 1989
Barber, Joel   Sept/Oct 1994
Barco, Willliam Bailey Currituck, NC Sept/Oct 1993
Barnard, Charles Nelson Havre-de-Grace, MD Nov/Dec 1989
Barnes, Samuel Treadway Havre-de-Grace, MD Mar/Apr 1993
Barto, George "Skippy" Illinois River Sept/Oct 1992
Batters, William "Slow" Little Falls, MN Sept/Oct 1991
Baum, Wayland Wanchese, NC Jan/lFeb 1990
Beckley, Frank Absecon, NJ July/Aug 1991
Bell, Alan Ontario   Mar/Apr 1995
Berard, Sully Louisiana May/June 1993
Bergman, Charles Astoria, Oregon Summer 1983
Bethel Decoys Park Rapids, MN Jan/Feb 1992
Biddle, James E. North East, MD May/June 1990
Birdsall, Charlie Point Pleasant, NJ Mar/Apr 1989
Blackbirds   May/June 1994
Boldizar, Louis Roebling, NJ May/June 1995
Boucher, Leo Richelieu River, QUE Jan/Feb 1993
Boyer, Auguste Valleyfield, QUE Nov/Dec 1990
Brant Decoys of Washington State   May/June 1988
Broadbill Duck Call, The Zimmerman, MN Jan/Feb 1994
Brown, Bob Barnegat, NJ July/Aug 1990
Brown, Dan Salisbury, MD Summer 1980
Bruce, John Lafitte, LA Mar/Apr 1990
Brust, Dick St. Paul, MN July/Aug 1995
Caines Brothers South Carolina Mar/Apr 1989
Calhoun, Norman Ocean View, DE Nov/Dec 1994
California Gun Club Decoys   Fall 1986
California Decoys   Spring 1981
Campbell, Albert La Plata, MD May/June 1994
Campbell, Jim (collection) Saginaw, MI Winter 1984
Canvas Decoys
May/June 1991
Carawan, Percy Lake Mattamuskeet, NC Mar/Apr 1991
Carolina Decoys
July/Aug 1988
Cecil Harford Hunters Museum North East, MD Fall 1979
Ceretta, Jim Glendale, AZ July/Aug 1993
Chesapeake Bay Carvers Maryland Winter 1983
Chesser, Grayson Jenkins Bridge, VA July/Aug 1992
Chincoteague Refuge Museum Chincoteague, VA Fall 1981
Cleland, Kenneth Northfield, MN Nov/Dec 1994
Cobb Island Decoys Cobb Island, VA Winter 1980
Collins, Marty Massachusetts May/June 1994
Conklin, Hurley Manahawkin, NJ July/Aug 1989
Conroy, Bill Oreland, ME Nov/Dec 1988
Copper Fish Decoys Minnesota Nov/Dec 1993
Cork Decoys
Jan/Feb 1991
Couret, Robert Francis New Orleans, LA May/June 1991
Cramer, William Fishing Creek, PA Jan/Feb 1987
Crandall, Horace "Hie" California Summer 1984
Cranmer, Bill New Jersey Jan/Feb 1991
Cranwill, Jerry Illinois River Jan/Feb 1993
Cromwell, Ed Susquehanna River Jan/Feb 1987
Crowell, Elmer East Harwich, MA Sept/Oct 1991
Mar/Apr 1992
Sept/Oct 1992
Mar/Apr 1993
Crookes, Charlie Point Place, OH Mar/Apr 1993
Cullen, Dan Port Orchard, WA Fall 1982
Delaware Decoys
Sept/Oct 1987
Delaware River (The)
Sept/Oct 1990
Denny, Sam Clayton, NY Jan/Feb 1993
Detroit Factories (The) Mason, Dodge, Peterson Nov/Dec 1990
Dilley, John Long Island, NY Jan/Feb 1994
Dodge Factory Decoys Detroit, MI Summer 1983
Dodge, Jasper Newton Detroit, MI July/Aug 1991
Douglas, Rosh St. Lawrence River July/Aug 1991
Dougherty, Frank Bean Lake, MO Mar/Apr 1994
Dove Decoys
Spring 1981
Dresden Bay Carvers Seneca Lake, NY May/June 1989
Dudley, Lee Knotts Island, NC Mar/Apr 1994
Dunster Sporting Goods Co. Washington Nov/Dec 1988
Easton Waterfowl Festival Easton, MD Winter 1980
Edwards, Harry Minneapolis, MN Nov/Dec 1992
Elliston, Robert A. Illinois River Nov/Dec 1991
English, Dan Florence, NJ Sept/Oct 1992
European Decoys
Mar/Apr 1988
Falardeau, Louis-Phillippe Quebec Jan/Feb 1994
Fay, Ralph Newell, CA Jan/Feb 1994
Fennimore, Harry Bordentown, NJ Nov/Dec 1990
Finney, Frank Back Bay, VA Jan/Feb 1992
Francis, John Missouri May/June 1992
Frog Decoys
July/Aug 1995
Fulcher, Mitchell Carteret County, NC Nov/Dec 1991
Furness, William "Bid" Delaware River Jan/Feb 1991
Gabler Estate Sale Preview Harford County, MD Fall 1980
Gant, Percy Osbornville, NJ July/Aug 1994
Garbrecht, Elmer Rivermoor, WI Mar/Apr 1994
Gibian, Bill Virginia Nov/Dec 1992
Gibson, Paul Havre-de-Grace, MD Summer 1983
Spring 1985
Jan/Feb 1992
Goldeneye Decoys
July/Aug 1993
Gray, Edson Ocean View, DE Nov/Dec 1994
Gregory, Pat Bloomington, IL Jan/Feb 1995
Grubbs, Charles Hennepin, IL July/Aug 1994
Hagerbaumer, David San Diego, CA Spring 1982
Hall, Chuck Barnum, MN Jan/Feb 1993
Hall, Severin North East, MD May/June 1992
Hanson, Marty Prior Lake, MN July/Aug 1994
Harlan, Howard Nashville, TN Mar/Apr 1995
Harris, William Marblehead, MA Nov/Dec 1992
Hart, Charles North Shore, MA July/Aug 1991
Jan/Feb 1987
Havre-de-Grace Museum Havre de Grace, MD Jan/Feb 1987
Headley, Somers Wilmington, DE Spring 1982
Summer 1984
Sept/Oct 1994
Heddon & Sons Tackle Co. Dowagaic, WI Jan/Feb 1994
Herbert, Charles Hughesville, MD July/Aug 1995
Heron Lake Minnesota July/Aug 1992
Hill, Dr. Lewis Webb Martha's Vineyard, MA Mar/Apr 1992
Hillman, John A. New Jersey Collector July/Aug 1989
Holloway, John West Creek, NJ July/Aug 1995
Hollys of Havre-de-Grace (The) Maryland Jan/Feb 1992
Hopper, Jim & Beebe Chula Vista, CA Fall 1982
Howell, Leroy Hinkley, MN Nov/Dec 1990
Hudson, Ira Chincoteague, VA Sept/Oct 1995
Hudson, Norman Chincoteague, VA Jan/Feb 1992
Huey, George Friendship, ME May/June 1995
Huntley, Jake Gananoque, ONT Spring 1985
Illinois River Decoys
Summer 1981
Summer 1986
Janson, "Fresh Air Dick" Santa Rosa, CA Summer 1982
Jensen, Jim
Jan/Feb 1995
Jobes, Harry Aberdeen, MD July/Aug 1988
Johnson, William R. Co. Seattle, WA Mar/Apr 1988
Joiner, Charlie "Speed" Chestertown, MD Jan/Feb 1988
Keegan, James B. Santa Rosa, CA July/Aug 1994
Kidwell, Harold "Pappy" California Spring 1986
King, Bernard "Bun" Munuscong Bay, MI May/June 1990
King, Joe Parkertown, NJ Jan/Feb 1995
King, Kenny Phoenix, AZ July/Aug 1992
Knoer, Dick & Tallie San Diego, CA Spring 1981
Lacrosse Fish Decoys La Crosse, WI Mar/Apr 1995
Laing, Albert Connecticut July/Aug 1995
Lashbrook, Virgil Illinois River July/lAug 1988
Leach, Jack Tacoma, WA July/Aug 1992
Leduc, Alcide Lac St. Francois, QUE May/June 1990
Le Fever, Fred California July/Aug 1991
Leroux, Alcide Lac St. Francois, QUE May/June 1990
Lexow, Fred Balsam Lake, MN July/Aug 1989
Lincoln, Joseph Accord, MA July/Aug 1992
Lipke, Paul Whiting, IN Summer 1985
Live Decoys
Sept/Oct 1993
Long Island Decoys of the Shinnecock Indians
May/June 1989
Long Island Shorebirds Stoney Brook, NY Summer 1980
Louisiana Decoys
Jan/Feb 1988
Lundgren, John Kearney County, NE Sept/Oct 1992
Mackey, William J.
Winter 1981
Spring 1981
Summer 1981
Fall 1981
Spring 1982
Sept/Oct 1991
Mackowski, Myron Winnebago Lake, WI Mar/Apr 1993
Marter, Caleb Ridgeway Burlington, NJ Nov/Dec 1991
Massachusetts Earliest Decoys
Sept/Oct 1989
Mason Factory Decoys Detroit, MI Winter 1981
Winter 1982
Summer 1982
Nov/Dec 1990
Matte, Louis Quebec Jan/Feb 1989
May, Jay Delaware River July/Aug 1990
McGaw, Bob Havre-de-Grace, MD Summer 1986
McIlhinny, Jim Silver Creek, MI May/June 1995
McIntyre, Cameron Greenbackville, VA Nov/Dec 1993
McLaughlin, John Bordentown, NJ Winter 1986
McLellan, Bill Eureka, CA Mar/Apr 1989
McNair, Mark Eastern Shore, VA Winter 1982
Merganser Decoys
Spring 1986
Michigan Decoys
Winter 1985
Michigan Resting Decoys
Mar/Apr 1995
Miller, Herb Ship Bottom, NJ Sept/Oct 1995
Miroir aux alouettes French Decoys Jan/Feb 1995
Mitchell, R. Madison Havre-de-Grace, MD Spring 1986
Jan/Feb 1993
Moak, Gus Tustin, WI Jan/Feb 1995
Moseley, Douglas Illinois River May/June 1990
Muzzi, Mario Missiquoi Bay, QUE July/Aug 1989
Newman, Earnest Carlton, MN Mar/Apr 1991
Noe, Frank James Columbus, OH Nov/Dec 1992
North Carolina Ruddy Ducks
Sept/Oct 1993
Novelty Decoys
Summer 1981
Noyes Museum New Jersey Spring 1984
Mar/Apr 1987
Ohnmacht, Bernard Lafayette, IN July/Aug 1987
Olt, P.S. Pekin, IL Jan/Feb 1992
Ortley, Lester "Dipper" Pt. Pleasant, NJ Jan/Feb 1994
Oshkosh Decoy, The Oshkosh, WI July/Aug 1995
Pacific Black Brant Samish Island, WA May/June 1990
Parsons, Ed Talbot County, MD Jan/Feb 1990
Peabody Museum Salem, VA Mar/Apr 1987
Pennsylvania Decoys of
the Susquehanna River

July/Aug 1990
Peters, Harold Lake Erie July/Aug 1981
Peterson, "Hurricane Pete" Cape Charles, VA Summer 1981
Phillips, Edward J. Dorchester County, MD Sept/Oct 1991
Pirnie, Miles East Lansing, MI May/June 1990
Pitt, Harvey Du Quoin, IL Jan/Feb 1995
Potomac, The Tidal
JulyAug 1993
Pozzini, Charles Detroit, MI July/Aug 1994
Quinn, Bill Delaware River July/Aug 1993
Reed, James "Corb" Chincoteague, VA July/Aug 1988
Reeves Family Lake Erie, ONT May/June 1992
Reindahl, Enoch Wisconsin Nov/Dec 1989
Ringneck Ducks of Louisiana
Jan/Feb 1992
Rogers, Gus Alexandria Bay, NY Mar/Apr 1994
Ruggles, Henry Illinois River Sept/Oct 1991
Rules, John "Newt" Illinois River May/June 1992
Russell, Burley E. California July/Aug 1991
Ryden, John Albert Aitkin, MN May/June 1991
Sampier, Henry "Bedgeon" St. Clair Flats, MI Summer 1983
Sawyer, "Chet" Duluth, MN July/Aug 1992
Schmidt, Ben Detroit, MI July/Aug 1990
Schmidt, G.K. Rig Decoys Illinois Sept/Oct 1995
Schoenheider, Charles Illinois River Mar/Apr 1988
May/June 1989
May/June 1993
Schutte, Chester Rochester, NY May/June 1995
Scriven & Stanley Vallejo, CA Fall 1982
Sharon, John Toledo, OH Jan/Feb 1995
Sheerman, Wendell Iowa Sept/Oct 1987
Shelburne Museum Burlington, VT Fall 1980
Summer 1985
Jan/Feb 1987
Mar/Apr 1987
July/Aug 1987
Nov/Dec 1988
Nov/Dec 1988
Shourds, Harry V. Tuckerton, NJ Winter 1985
Sibley, George M. (Mr. X) Illinois River July/Aug 1991
Smith, A. Duncan Lake St. Clair May/June 1990
Smith, Captain Gerry Marblehead, MA July/Aug 1994
Smith, Captain Percy Shady Side, MD Sept/Oct 1995
Smith, Christopher Columbus St. Clair Flats, MI Mar/Apr 1992
Sprankle, Jim Grasonville, MD Fall 1980
Stark, Louis Appleton, WI May/June 1995
May/June 1995
Starr, Dr. George Ross (collection) Duxbury, MA Summer 1983
Sterling, Noah Bernard Crisfield, MD May/June 1994
Stevens, Ivy Back Bay, VA July/Aug 1989
St. Lawrence River Carvers Upstate New York Winter 1982
Spring 1983
Susquehanna Flats Decoys Maryland Fall 1979
July/Aug 1987
Susquehanna Flats Brands
Mar/Apr 1995
Swan Island Decoys Back Bay, VA July/Aug 1989
Strunk, George Delaware River May/June 1993
Tax, John Lake Osakis, MN Mar/Apr 1992
Jan/Feb 1995
Thengs, Harold Long Island Mar/Apr 1992
Thompson, Ray Park Rapids, MN Mar/Apr 1990
Tillet, Allen Kitty Hawk, NC Nov/Dec 1993
Tillet, Clay Kitty Hawk, NC Nov/Dec 1990
Toronto School Ontario Mar/Apr 1995
Trader, Claude Burgington, NJ May/June 1992
Travers, Josiah Franklin Vienna, MD July/Aug 1995
Tushanke, Dan Bay Shore, Long Island Julyl/Aug 1990
Tyler, Lloyd Crisfield, MD Jan/Feb 1991
Upper Chesapeake Bay Museum North East, MD Winter 1982
Vandenbossche, Theodore Mt. Clemens, MI Mar/Apr 1993
Verdin, Laurent Louisiana Mar/Apr 1989
Verity, Obediah Massapequa, NY Fall 1982
Virginia Beach Antique & Gunning Decoy Competition
Spring 1984
Virginia Beach Museum
Jan/Feb 1987
Virginia Curlews Virginia Mar/Apr 1991
Walker, Charles Illinois River Nov/Dec 1992
Walton, John H. Milwaukee, WI May/June 1993
Ward Brothers Crisfield, MD Fall 1984
Fall 1986
Ward Foundation Salisbury, MD Winter 1981
Washington State Decoys Washington Summer 1982
Waterfield, Charles Wash Woods, VA Sept/Oct 1993
Watson, J. Milton Chesapeake City, MD Summer 1985
Weese, Ralph C. Belleville, ONT July/Aug 1990
West Coast Decoys
Mar/Apr 1987
Wheeler, Charles "Shang" Stratford, CT Winter 1985
White, Bob Delaware River
Sept/Oct 1990
Whittington, Heck Ogelsby, IL Summer 1981
Winter 1983
Wick, George San Diego, CA Spring 1982
Wilbur, Charles "Pete" Island Heights, NJ Mar/Apr 1990
Wilde, Earl Lake Champlain Jan/Feb 1989
Williams, John Munden Point, VA Sept/Oct 1993
Willingham, Jo Harwell Pine Bluff, AR Mar/Apr 1994
Willis, Bill Missouri Sept/Oct 1995
Wilson, Gus Portland, ME Nov/Dec 1994
Wisconsin Decoys
Winter 1985
Wolfe, Don St. Lawrence, NY Mar/Apr 1991
Wooden Bird, The Illinois River Decoys Illinois Jan/Feb 1990
Wozny, Eddie Cambridge, MD Jan/Feb 1994
Wright, Jimmy Massey, MD Jan/Feb 1993
Yeager, Ira (Collection)
British Columbia Decoys

Sept/Oct 1990
Zimmerman, Frederick W. St. Clair Flats, MI Sept/Oct 1989

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