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Alex Russell Decoys - This is an interesting carver from the Delmarva area that creates reasonably priced decorative decoys

Art From Nature - Harley Ragan Decoys- A carver from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who carves working and decorative fish and duck decoys.

Arthur F. Gremillion, Traditional Decoy Artist - An decoy carver from Long Island, New York.  He offers a very fine looking canvas swan decoy and some more traditional wooden works. Our web designer bought a few of his folky great herons - check them out along with some of his other carvings!

Bill Gibian Decoys - Original, hand-carved wildfowl in the old tradition. Bill fulfills all the criteria for creating the type of decoy that becomes a treasured family heirloom rather than a mere mantle ornament. Each is really an original; there are no stock patterns used, and thus every carving is a one-of-a-kind item that no one else will ever have. You'll be proud to have one of his beauties in your collection!

Bill Kell Decoys - A commercial decoy carver working with cork hunting decoys.

Blackwater Decoy Company - A commercial decoy maker offering both decorative mantle decoys and cork gunners.

Bodt Decoys - Hand Made, Hand Carved Hand, Painted Collectibles, HIGH QUALITY WOODEN GUNNING DECOYS, Havre de Grace Style Decoys, Chesapeake Bay Decoys, Maryland Decoys.

Bundy Duck Decoys - This is a commercial decoy maker that offers a wide variety of finished decoy products. The unpainted variety in particular is distinctive as it allows the natural wood grain to show through.

Decoy Castings by Jules Bouillet - This commercial site offers castings (non-wood copies) of some beautiful decoys by Jules Bouillet.

Carver Resource - CarverResource is an online resource and community for woodcarvers. It contains a growing number of organized links for suppliers, organizations, and carvers; spotlight carver reviews, surveys and message forums.

Cork Decoys by Duckin' Decoys - A commercial homesite by an avid waterfowler and college student. He offers some good looking prices on hand carved working cork decoys with keel, tail inserts and hand carved heads.

Double Decoy Decoys - These decoys certainly are an interesting idea in decoy developments.  They are flat but can be staked to give them something of a 3-d look.  More interesting, they are one species on one side and a different one on the other side.  That way the same decoys can be used for two different sets. They are very lightweight, compact and certainly can help fill out a good spread. They can be hooked up to provide a wind driven motion decoy.

Duncan Waterfowl Decoys - This is the home page of a carver that produces several other products besides decoys, but has made some beautiful decoys and worked to help support DU Arkansas.

Duncan Waterfowl Decoys - This is the home page of a carver that produces several other products besides decoys, but has made some beautiful decoys and worked to help support DU Arkansas.

5th Day of Creation Reproductions by Lisa Byrd. Handcarved & handpainted decoys, shore birds, and songbirds. Lisa also carves decoys for practical gunning purposes and these decoys are fully rigged with keels and weights and are ready to hunt.

Fish Decoys Blaine and Craig Kimmel - This is the place for you to buy or just browse and learn about wooden fish decoys. They carve both decorative fish decoys and service working fish spearing decoys. Blaine and Craig Kimmel are both former World Champions of decorative fish decoy carving. They also offer limited edition watercolor paintings and prints, fishing lures, and decorative fish carvings as well as fish decoy carving patterns and fish reference photos available for other carvers.

Ben A. Heinemann Custom Handmade Decoys - A full-time professional carver, Ben A. Heinemann's love for waterfowl is evident in each and every piece. As a result, his work has been collected by foreign dignitaries, movie personalities and art collectors from around the world. Hand-selected bass, juniper, and Northern Maine cedar is used to create the lifelike carvings which are each hand-painted in oils and acrylic textures. His work can be found museums and many private collections. In 1994, Ben was named "Artist of the Year" by the Herald Sun Newspaper in Durham, NC. A pair of his wood ducks was featured on the cover of ‘Wildlife in North Carolina ' magazine in 1987. His has been the recipient of many awards, including five “World Championship” First Place titles for his goose carvings. Over the years Ben has taught seminars and work shops and is frequently asked to judge competitions across the country. Although competitions have provided some of the inspiration for Ben's work, his concern is to perpetuate the tradition of waterfowl decoy sculpture as the true American art form. Visit Ben's websit, where you can watch informative carving videos and interviews, see samples of his past work and also those currently for sale.

Jode Hillman Decoys - "Continuing the Tradition". Carving decoys since he was only 12 years old, Jode utilizes the tools and techniques which were passed down to him from my father and great-grandfather. The decoys on this site vary from simple gunners to intricately detailed works of art. The essence of each species is expertly captured in these detailed carvings. Although none of the decoys are for sale unless noted, you can commission one or more by contacting Jode.

Lloyd "Bob" Hudson - L. Bob Hudson is an award winning decoy carver originally from Chincoteague, Virginia. His grandfather is the renowned Ira D. Hudson who pioneered the art of carving duck decoys. Hudson Legends brings you the most recent information and events from this 3rd generation carver and artist.

Tim Joyner, Western Wildlife Artist - Tim Joyner Western Wildlife Artist is a site to veiw and order the works of Tim Joyner A, artist from Montana, Tim's work includes sculptures, paintings and drawings as well as table tops and other special projects including unique canvas decoys.

Robert Kelly Woodcarving. Offering one-of-a-kind handcarved and handpainted duck decoys in a variety of species and profiles. Robert's decoys are carved from Canadian White Pine, and finished with semi-transparent stains which allow the natural grain and warmth of the wood to show through.

Kennedy Decoys - Located in the scenic coastal village of Rockport, Massachusetts, KENNEDY DECOYS opened for business in November 2000. The small retail shop features a variety of wildlife art crafted by local artists. Sharing the shop are George and Pat Rioux of Teal Creek Gallery.

Kicking Bull Gallery - Decoys, Folk Art, Native American artists and a wide range of vintage decoys and antiques. On-line Vintage Decoys Lists and Folk Art by artist Jay Miles.

Vick Kirkman Originals - Vic Kirkman is a North Carolina artist who works intensely to advance his skills creating realistic ducks. He carves all types of waterfowl, but emphasis is on the realistic decorative decoy carved for competitions held on the East Coast. Even though Vic has been carving seriously only since 1989, he moved up the ranks very rapidly and often wins over more experienced carvers. He competes in the professional ranking and has won Best-in-Show and placed in top honors at major competitions in the Southeast U.S. and Louisiana, including the distinguished Ward Foundation World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition held annually in late April at Ocean City, MD Check out his online carving instruction course!

Allen Lopez, Wildfowl Sculptor: View the decorative decoys and of this award winning carver. Commissions accepted.

Louisiana Style Handcarved Decoys by Les Famille de LeGaux - Handcarved Louisiana Decoys by the LeGaux family include ducks, doves, quail and other wildfowl by Roy LeGaux Sr., Roy LeGaux Jr., and Jason LeGaux. They also carve Decorative Slicks as well as Gunning Decoys.

Allen Lopez - Allen Lopez is an award winning wildfowl sculptor. Collectors remark on the beauty and detail of his decorative decoys. Commission bird sculptures like those in the Gallery or of any other type of bird you choose.

Sean Mann World Goose Calling Champion sells some of the best decoys and waterfowl calls available.

Ernie Mills Decoys - Ernie Mills is a third-generation decoy carver from the Delmarva (DE, MD & VA) Peninsula, an area rich in decoy history. At an early age, he was taught to carve by his grandfather in North Carolina. Today, in Perry, Georgia, he continues to carry on the tradition of making working decoys, using the tools and methods of "a time past".

miningco.com - A complete site for woodworkers! If you're interested in working with wood, this is a must-see site!

Misty Morning Decoys - He is a beginner (1-1/2) year decoy carver and specializes in decorative miniatures, but is now starting to carve full-size to broaden his horizons.

Mountain Star Studio - "Handcarved Folk Art from the Heart of the Blue Ridge".

North Bay Forge - Hand forged wood carving knives for serious wood carvers, since 1987. Numerous types of razor-sharp knives to choose from. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Major credit cards accepted. Free shipping on all orders, worldwide!

Outlaw Decoys - Decoys, watercraft and accessories for the discriminating waterfowler.

Decoys by Frank Peeters - This website highlights the carving talents of Frank Peeters. A "Tips and Techniques Page" gives advice and know how tips to the novice carver. There is also a "Photograph Reference" page. Frank is a competition decoy carver, that has consistently placed near the top of many carving competitions around the country.

Pitboss Waterfowl Inc. - a commercial site - a Maryland Cork Gunning Decoy maker - a USCG licensed Captain & Maryland Master Guide for Seaduck and Diver duck gunning.

Riverbend Wildlife Carvers - A commercial site featuring the Montana Collection with canvasbacks, mallards, pintails, and wood ducks for $130.00 per decoy.

The REAL DECOY® - A commercial site full of motorized duck decoys. They have a variety of styles of motion decoys designed to make the decoy spread look alive.

Runamuck Hunting Decoy Carvers - This is a commercial decoy carver site for hunting cork blocks. These artists are dedicated to "keeping the art of hunting decoy carving alive."

Bill Sarni, Decoy Maker - Antique Decoys - Shorebirds in the Old Style - Carved Song Birds - Fish and Whales - Special Orders - Restorations and Repairs - Old Decoys Bought and Sold - Private Lessons and Workshops.

Frank Schmidt - Frank Schmid's international presence as a top-flight carver of birds spans over 4 decades. Winner of over 30 international competitions, including the US National Decoy Show, the World Championships of Wildlife Carving, the Ward Foundation World Championship and the Canadian National Exhibition Decoy show, he is widely acknowledged as one of North America' premier artists. Each of his creations are one of a kind.

Scolding Mallard Decoy Shop - Check out this carver's web site!

Mike Smyser Decoys - This is a commercial carver and one of the members of Runamuck Hunting Decoy Carvers.

Sneakbox Decoy Company - Specializing in the finest, handmade, cork duck decoys and short-reed goose calls. Handmade cork duck hunting decoys are produced one at a time by champion cork gunning decoy maker Jim Higgins. Our cork decoys are hand-carved, assembled with state-of- the-art fasteners and hand-painted. Each is a unique work of art, but is rugged enough to use in the marsh.

Spruce Goose - Specialize in wooden working decoys, that have seen use on the water. Blocks show usage. Good examples of Masons, Animial Trap, Evanston, Pratt, Dodge and others. A source for any make, style or condition of decoy. A resource for the inexpensive older plastic decoys to the better mint condition Masons.

Bob Thomas - Bob Thomas is retired and carves and paints decoys for a hobby. Each decoy is signed and dated when it is finished.Some are done from scratch and some from machine-carved blanks. Each decoy has an authenticity certificate. Prices include shipping.

Allen Weidhaas - Allen Weidhaas creates wildlife and sporting sculpture in limited edition bronzes and one-of-a-kind wood carvings. His sculptures are highly detailed miniature studies of wildlife in their natural environment. They capture the essence of the subject in a single moment, frozen in time. Other works include figurative, three dimensional still life, and monumental. His work is included in institutional, corporate, and private collections across the United States. Commissions are accepted on a limited basis.

The Wingset Catalogue - This commercial site has some nice cork working blocks for sale from several different carvers in a variety of styles.


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