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Website Statistics
The following charts are taken from a typical week of activity on the Decoy Magazine website. These statistics are automatically generated by WebTrends, which is a program which resides on our ISP's server. Unlike the typical counters which you've seen on other websites, these figures reflect the true activity on the website. You can see why advertising on Decoy Magazine's website will give you a large degree of exposure. Don't rely on search engines alone to attract new visitors - advertise with Decoy Magazine!

General Statistics

The User Profile by Regions graph identifies the general location of the visitors to your Web site. The General Statistics table includes statistics on the total activity for this server during the designated time frame.

Number of Hits for Home Page 1858
Number of Successful Hits for Entire Site 198322
Number of Page Views (Impressions) 15880
Number of User Sessions 11724
User Sessions from United States 89.84%
International User Sessions 3.41%
User Sessions of Unknown Origin 6.74%
Average Number of Hits per Day 6838
Average User Session Length 00:16:14

Technical Statistics and Analysis

This table shows the total number of hits for the site, how many were successful, how many failed, and calculates the percentage of hits that failed. It may help you in determining the reliability of your site.

Total Hits 202148
Successful Hits 198322
Failed Hits 3826
Failed Hits as Percent 1.89%
Cached Hits 57447
Cached Hits as Percent 28.41%

This report was generated by WebTrends.