2005 is our 37th year

Alan G. Haid
Author - Appraiser - Dealer - Consultant
Yellowlegs by George Boyd., Seabrook, New Hampshire, ca. 1901. Excellent original paint. Original bill broken off and professionally reset. Neck crack reset. $13,500. Click to enlarge.
Golden plover, Coffin family, Nantucket, Massachusetts, ca. 1880. Original paint. Spring plumage. Bill professionally replaced. $4500. Click to enlarge.
Golden plover flatties by Stephen Badlum , Dorchester, Massachusetts, ca. 1875. Excellent original condition. One branded “SB” under the original paint. $2850 pair. Click to enlarge.
Golden plover, Nantucket, Massachusetts, ca. 1910. Excellent original paint. Spring plumage. Original bill reset. $950. Click to enlarge.
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